Collection: We Are Honored To have Been Able To Help Conservation Groups Save Species for More Than three Decades

For more than 35 years, the SGI family and our 'vendor partners' have had the great honor and privilege to support countless organizations with highly worthy missions. We have contributed, 'indirectly' to many worthy causes every day through our business activities.

This year, we will start to make a much more 'direct' contribution to selected wildlife species in desperate need. In this generation, we are witnessing majestic species like lions and elephants dwindle in numbers in confined, restricted and ever diminishing environments as technology and climate change threaten their habitats. Worse, many species will cease to exist, entirely. In our generation -- 'what a horrific legacy!'

Some good news is that the very organizations we have worked with for generations have, ironically, given us the knowledge, wisdom and insight to have come up with a way to provide them with an 'perpetual, hands off, donation making machine -- us!' The process is clearly outlined in this website (e-commerce fundraising platforms).

Finally, we are hopeful that our 'cause partner' jewelry stores will help increase awareness of the challenges faced by wildlife and with an easy way to 'make a difference!' 

Thanks for visiting our website and don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with 'your mission!'

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