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In 2019, SGI is excited to now be able to provide our 'endangered wildlife' and 'environment focused' clients with an absolutely hands off donation funnel, fed continuously by highly targeted social media traffic. In short, We operate and manage online jewelry stores that offer theme specific (i.e, lion, elephant, ocean wildlife) and highly affordable jewelry to highly targeted audiences. Every order in our stores immediately, generates a $2.00 donation to our 'cause marketing partner.' Every order!

The incredible benefits to our clients are as follow: (our clients, hereafter referred to as 'cause marketing partners' or 'CMP's)

    1. 'Ongoing, never ending donations' -- 24/7 -- a 'perpetual, hands off, no investment donation creating machine!'
    2. No money will ever be charged to CMP for managing the process in any way-- ever!
    3. No CMP responsibility to store customers -- the CMP is merely a recipient of the related $2.00 donation and the customers will not assign any of the transactional part of the process to the CMP. The customer only knows the CPM will get $2.00 of their order.
    4. CMP is now able to to draw direct,constant donations on their own media channels all day, every day through the store sales on their feeds.
    5. The stores are promoted by SGI on social media employing top SEO support and social media marketing companies.
    6. At checkout, customers are provided an opportunity to buy a cute T-shirt for their child that will help them reinforce the cause wherever they go and also send 'another' #2.00 to the CMP.
    7. Association with very high quality, easily navigable stores that are infused with honesty and integrity, as well as amazing merchandise, all at affordable prices that the targeted audience can afford.
    8. The merchandise is very much 'impulse buy' merchandise.
    9. The copy is fun and engaging.
    10. The 2-slide home page is 'compelling' as relates to the CMP's mission.
    11. The 'About Us' section offers a direct donation link to the CMP
    12. These are seriously nice stores for the related enthusiast / follower!